From the desk of Oluwasegun Adebayo

I want to show you different techniques of making legit income online without violating the right of others by doing pure and legal internet business in simple and basic ways. The following online income opportunities are what I will teach you in the powerful free training.

STREAM 1  HOW TO MAKE OVER $30 -$100 DAILY WITH A ONE-TIME N1600 CAPITAL ANYWHERE ONLINE INCOME OPPORTUNITY is here. If you are still finding it difficult to make money online then this will be the most important letter you will ever read.

YES!! lots of people get rich on the internet. you have heard all about it , you would love to experience it for yourself , and you are not quite sure exactly where to start. Even if you have no experience on the internet , you can make huge profits, quickly and easily , if you know the right thing to do !!

The internet is revolutionary because it allows anyone with the right ideas and the right guidance to make HUGE amount of money online! What differentiates the wealthy internet entrepreneur from the struggling simply internet entrepreneur is simply THE INFORMATION. Pure and simple.

The right information makes all the difference between struggling and enjoying incredible wealth. And that is why I am so excited about sharing my information and experience with you. “IF you CAN SPARE JUST few minutes or hours, I WILL show you how to make $30 to $100 daily with an automatic, speculative method online by just clicking.

Clicking? Yes, even if you are a computer illiterate you can do it because the requirement is if you have a hand that can move the mouse then you are qualified to attend this SEMINAR. If you cannot attend as a result of distance you can call me to get the Seminar materials. Are you a 9 to 5 workers with nothing to show for 5 , 10 , 20 . . . . . years meritorious service?

You have not been paid salary, yet you have to report for work every day even if it means trekking. You have no control over your time and life because of your boss. you work round the clock yet you are always in debt? Don’t worry folks I’ve got good news for you! DO NOT MISS THIS TRAINING.

STREAM 2 HOW TO RECEIVE N10,000 DAILY LEGALLY FROM AN INVISIBLE PAYMASTER Here comes a powerful and explosive SEMINAR that teaches you how to earn considerable amount of money on the internet legally without breaking the bank. Would you be interested in a proven tested and guaranteed system of raking in good money online without stress?

Discover how to get snippets of information for free on the internet and continuously sell them and make more than N250,000 monthly just like I do. Forget all the types of internet businesses like FOREX/commodity trading, Fixed odds, Football betting etc off course, you can make money with these but you will eventually lose the money you have made.

The best internet business model you can do that will make a living for you to live a life that you want is internet/information marketing and I have simplified it such that you do not have to be an information guru, and you do not even need to have information to sell as I will teach you how to get pieces of information and package it as information products to sell and make big cash in Naira and dollars.

There are sites where internet marketers get the information they sell to you, I will show you the sites you will get everything during the Seminar but if you cannot attend the SEMINAR because you are very far away you can pay for the seminar material.

I will show you how I make at least N250k monthly online legally with what you know and surprisingly with what you don’t know by selling your ideas on the internet, I will guide you on how to generate the idea or source for the idea that will be pumping cash legally into your bank account like a damaged ATM machine.

This system of raking in tons of Naira is absolutely simple and legitimate that a complete internet newbie can do which does not involve stress. I will guide you and reveal my secret of how I make at least N10,000 per day, you just need to attend or get the material which teach on the business called internet marketing, where I get the pieces of information I sell online at N3000, N5000 etc per copy are revealed therein.

You do not need to rack your brain before you can make a living online. In the system, these are what you don’t need:

i. You don’t need capital to set it up.

ii. You don’t need a website.

iii.You don’t need to be a graduate; if you can read and write you can do it. doesn’t take much of your time, once you set it up it keeps cranking cash into your bank account.

v.You don’t need experience or much knowledge to do it. vi.You don’t need to have a Laptop/Desktop of your own before you can start.


i. Your phone number/email address.

ii. Internet connection – You can use Cyber Cafe, your office etc.

iii. Little minutes or hours.


1. How to professionally design PDF (Portable Document Format) e-book even with images/pictures. I will also give you the software I use for this whose worth is $150

2. Where and how to get FREE information that you will be selling online.

3. Sites where you will be advertising your information for FREE (you do not need to create a web site of your own but you will use other people’s).

4. I will teach you everything that you need to know and what I do not remember to mention here.

STREAM 3 HOW CAN YOU MAKE MILLIONS OF NAIRA IN HOME BASED EXPORT BUSINESS STARTING WITH LITTLE OR NO CAPITAL It might interest you to know that the gap between you and the millions of naira waiting for you in this business is nothing but the “basic understanding of an export business process”.

Understanding the fundamentals of an export business process especially as it concerns securing a GENUINE EXPORT ORDER/ CONTRACT with a well secured method of payment, then you are on your way to making UNIMAGINABLE LOADS OF MONEY.

If you are unemployed/ financially challenged then your condition could be likened to this scenario: A MAN THAT HAS CRUDE OIL WELL HIDDEN IN HIS BACKYARD BUT STARVES OF FOOD ALL DAY DUE TO HIS IGNORANCE OF THE ENORMOUS WEALTH STARRING AT HIM EVERYTIME.

Do you know that even veteran exporters of Nigerian commodities are yet to access the secrets that I am about to reveal to you in this SEMINAR? That is why most of them part with huge sum of money when I make my services available to them.

THE BIG SECRET Veteran exporters and prospective exporters are in dire need of export contracts for the various agricultural and allied/mineral commodities that could be explored within the country.

So all you should do as an export entrepreneur is to secure these contracts via the internet using the various trade portals listed in this SEMINAR materials and also aided with your GSM phone, you could start earning commissions which run into millions of naira in few months depending on the size of the shipment. This material contains all you may need to secure a “genuine export contract”. All you need to do is to read through, carefully understanding the elements of an export business process. .

THE TRUTHS ABOUT ONLINE BASED EXPORT BUSINESS i. No need to have a registered public/ private limited liability company with (CAC) ii. No need to register with Nigeria Export Promotion Council(NEPC) iii. No capital investment required But if you want to do it as big business owner.

You must have the following;You need to have a registered public/ private limited liability company with (CAC) You need to register with Nigeria Export Promotion Council (NEPC) Little capital investment required. You can operate as a part time business and also a full time business owner depending on your choice.

A wonderful precedence before going into full time export business. We will show you all you need to know about EXPORT BUSINESS.


 How to watch DSTV for free legally on TV, Laptop and mobile devices. (worth N5000)  10 millions genuine valid email addresses of Nigerians – sourced from nairaland, nairaclass, naijaloaded, internet marketers etc.(worth N7000)

 Free unlimited browsing on Multilinks, Etisalat and MTN (worth N5000)

 Websites to make $5 upwards daily by commenting (worth N3000).

Free valid GSM Phone number generator software (this generates unlimited phone numbers as you want)- valued N3000

 Secret website to make N60,000 weekly with GSM short code BUSINESS (worth N3000)

 How to get email generator software that generates unlimited valid email addresses of any country including Nigeria, any niche, any keyword – this is not email extractor (worth N4000)

 Where to get FREE MONEY to fund your trading account and then withdraw to your bank account (worth N3000)

 Secret website to send unlimited bulk SMS for FREE (worth N5000)  Modem unlocker software – this unlocks Stubborn modem of all networks.

 Multiple sites to download paid software, ebooks, videos etc for FREE.

 Plus more and up to 5 – 20 super interesting bonus. How much do you think I should charge for this SEMINAR say N30,000 ? or N15,000 Okay N10,000 ? Nope I won’t charge a token even if I charge N10, 000 it is worth it.

The SEMINAR is FREE Oh! Segun what is wrong with you?nothing I want to do this to empower Nigerians. Okay the Seminar is FREE but the bumper materials is just N5,000 Compulsory.

To attend the SEMINAR or to get the materials

pay N5000 into BANK NAME – GTBANK PLC


ACCOUNT NUMBER –  0004130591

After payment send ‘ SEMINAR’,depositor’s name, bank name,your phone number and your email address to 08066443671

NOTE The hall for the Seminar will only contain 50 seats and 20 seats already booked.





APRIL 9TH, 2016

TIME 10.30AM

TEL 08066443671